Prism3D - SCS Software’s in-house Game Engine

Our renowned truck simulators, American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, are designed for and run on our state-of-the-art Prism3D Engine. The engine is developed in-house and used exclusively for our games. With Prism3D, we are able to develop our games freely without having to work around the limitations of other commercially-available game engines.

Our independent solution provides us with a huge variety of options and an extensive feature set, including but not limited to highly-optimized partial rendering on a very wide range of graphical hardware or implementation and simulation of advanced rigid and soft-body physics, all while running a lightweight core backend with support for object serialization/deserialization.

Not only does Prism3D serve as the heart of our games, but it provides a rich and powerful toolset that complements our development needs. Having a unique game engine allows us to improve its features and toolsets constantly in order to support new demands from our asset teams and push the boundaries of content quality and quantity we deliver through our games. The quick turnaround time on feature requests from the engine is only possible when using our own technology.

The seamless integration between our game and its engine has made the massive game worlds in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator possible, a reality that would have been difficult to achieve with our competitors’ solutions. Our in-house solution has also enabled us to develop extensive tuning options for players to customize their trucks, which has been a mainstay feature that could only be supported with complex data linkages.

Prism3D makes asset creation in Autodesk Maya a part of the streamlined process, which involves automatic conversion and building and deployment of game assets. While creating Prism3D, we focused on developing an engine with extensive multi-platform support that can be easily extended for the purposes of game-console development.

As such, Prism3D supports a wide variety of systems, configurations and demands. Whether you are looking for a 32 or 64-bit support or working on Windows, Linux or MacOS, our engine is ready for action on all these platforms. To ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability, we have also implemented highly-visible unit testing within the engine.

Prism3D is entirely written in C++ and its database is continuously developed upon from multiple platforms in parallel. We have also implemented a very modern software-development ethos so that the code remains object-oriented, consistent and well-documented.

Virtual Reality

Our aim is to create virtual worlds that capture the essence of the environment and its locality, both of which we use to deliver a deep sense of immersion for our players. The assets produced through our streamlined and integrated toolchain allow us to recreate a realistic trucking experience, its positive and negative aspects included.

While the mission to achieve perfection never ends, we give our best effort to expand on this dream while profitting from the extensive set of tools at our disposal. Prism3D gives us an opportunity to expand our feature set easily and frequently.

We believe that our approach to game development is what brings our players back on a regular basis, exploring and enjoying the new content we are always adding. It is a constant challenge to find the right balance between creating a realistic trucking simulator and a making game which remains enjoyable and relatively easy to pick up and play.

Prism like no other

We continue to push the boundaries through our dedication to creating and continuously improving our own independent 3D game engine called Prism3D. Built from scratch and tailored to our very needs, its each and every part can be customized just as our heart desires. We devise custom solutions to our unique challenges.

Flexibility and adaptability are paramount to us; our Prism3D engine and its games are available on all kinds of different operating systems. Our open approach to game modding has encouraged the creation of amazing assets and keeps our avid fans busy with experimenting and tinkering with our asset-creation toolchain.

SCS Software has moved to a new office: Tomíčkova 2427/2, Prague 11 148 00