World of Trucks

World of Trucks is an online platform that complements our two trucking games, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. We wanted to create a place where our virtual truckers can call home and share their experiences. Some of our fans like showing off their highly-customized trucks with chromed or painted accessories, while others want to wear the badge of honour that is their unlocked achievements; that they have so painstakingly earned by completing hundreds of jobs, and the thousands of miles clocked on their trucks.

World of Trucks also brings out the inner artist in everyone. Players can share and browse some of the best screenshots taken straight from our games. Community events on World of Trucks are also integrated with our games to give our avid fans an opportunity to come together to deliver specific cargoes and contribute towards a community goal in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. World of Trucks is also an easy way for our fans to keep up to date with development and news on upcoming events and releases by our company.

World of Trucks is constantly expanding in order to add new and exciting features that will enhance the cooperative aspect of our games.

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World of Trucks


16 October 2013

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