American Truck Simulator

Following the success of Euro Truck Simulator 2, our newest project aims to recreate the trucking experience on the American continent, while pushing the boundaries of quality as far as possible. Realistic environments, licensed conventional trucks from the most renowned manufacturers, advanced physics simulation and a large variety of cargoes are but a tiny sliver of what is available when it comes to delivering a great experience of being a trucker in America.

We always strive to do better than before, and with American Truck Simulator, our goal is to provide players with the next amazing trucking game, where simulation and fun live in perfect harmony, creating the best gaming experience possible. For our more enthusiastic fans, we provide modding support, a virtual-reality version of the game and the possibility to share their know-how, experience and suggestions with us through our forums. Many of these features are then implemented into the game in the form of free updates. Thanks to our World of Trucks service, truckers can share their best gaming moments with their friends through an intuitive user interface. As kids, we once dreamed of driving big rigs, and now, with American Truck Simulator, it becomes a possibility.

  • Licensed trucks and accessories known among real truckers from America!
  • Landmarks to visit – see the Grand Canyon, visit Las Vegas or test your driving skills on winding country roads.
  • Our cutting-edge physics engine allows us to simulate multiple aspects of truck behaviour and authentically recreates the challenge of hauling heavy cargoes!
  • The game's nature caters to both the driving-oriented and tycoon-based audience. When players want to take a break from maneuvering through the scenic American landscape, they can put themselves in the role of a trucking company manager to manage the company’s fleet and drivers.
  • Accessible to everyone: The variety of controls schemes and gameplay options available allow the most casual players to enjoy the game, while providing the challenge that our most dedicated and skilled gamers are looking for.

Project details

Official website

American Truck Simulator


2 February 2016

Supported platforms

PC Windows
PC Linux

Map DLCs

Arizona (2016)
New Mexico (2017)
Oregon (2018)
Washington (2019)
Utah (2019)
Idaho (2020)
Colorado (2020)
Wyoming (2021)
Montana (2022)
Texas (2022)
Oklahoma (2023)
Kansas (2023)
Nebraska (2024)
Arkansas (TBA)
Missouri (TBA)
Iowa (TBA)

Truck manufacturers

Western Star

Steam rating

96 % (2024)


76 % (2019)

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