Creative Enthusiasts

No matter how you look at it, everything always comes down to people. We have a diverse team of seasoned professionals with a history in international gaming, racing and even the film industry. All our team members bring a unique perspective on our current projects and work together to create unique content that sets our projects apart from other industries.

Our team comes from many different backgrounds, which brings knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to our workplace. These unique skills and personalities help us overcome even the most difficult obstacles in our way.

Critically-Acclaimed Projects

The more love and attention we put into our games, the better results they bring back. The most valued appreciation is from seeing our players enjoy our content, but it's also very motivating to see that our projects receive positive reviews and awards from the media and gaming industry leaders.

Our quality standards have helped us to achieve a very high score for our games in most reviews and that means a lot for every member of our team. We are also proud winners of the 2016 Steam Awards in two categories, PC Gamer's Best Sim 2012 and the winner of Czech Game of the Year Technological Solution Award 2016.

Unique Technology

Complete independence is crucial for us. From game development to publishing, our biggest pride is that we are absolutely free of any restrictions set by an outside company. We develop and constantly update our very own game engine or even niche projects such as virtual reality versions of our best games.

We've also built our very own and unique trailer with which we're travelling across the globe and participating in many famous events and shows, both gaming or industry related. Thanks to this, any member of our fanbase can visit us and try our games and latest projects on our unique 4D motion seats, get a piece of our apparel or just have a chat with our crew at expos like Gamescom, WGW, PGA, IAA, or at FIA ETRC Championship rounds, truck festivals and many more.

Living Workspace

When a developer is happy, it is reflected in the results of their work, and, consequently, our fans get the best quality! Our office space was custom-designed on the basis of our very long experience and perspective on teamwork. The goal was to provide our developer teams with a comfortable and healthy environment. Sharing ideas across the company is now easy thanks to an open space, but the teams can enjoy a certain degree of privacy at the same time. The best possible lighting, quality office chairs, adjustable work desks, optimal air-conditioning, professional sound insulation and many other design choices were taken into account when creating our office space.

We guess we've been successful in this task, as we won the "Healthy Office" and "Public Vote" categories in the Best Czech Office of 2017 competition.