If there’s one word to describe our success it’s this one: Community. From the first years of our company to this day, our fanbase is a major part of everything we do.

It was them who motivated a tiny team of third-party developers to go for their own, independent projects – which ultimately evolved into successful and critically acclaimed titles such as Euro Truck Simulators and American Truck Simulator.

From fans and players, through the crowds of tireless testers, forum moderators, modders, trucking-lore specialists to dozens of multilingual translators and localization members, we are proud and happy to have every single one of them with us.

So if you're not a part of this great community yet, just visit one of our links below and join our forum, blog, World of Trucks site, or follow our social media channels on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

Together, we have created a large, friendly and mutually helpful community.

Social Networks

World of Trucks

All things trucking to be found here. Take part in events, receive rewards, earn achievements, see your stats and so much more!

World of Trucks is a one-stop home for all truck drivers. As soon as you join in, you will be able to start delivering external contracts, share screenshots from your drive, connect with other drivers, take part in community events and read the latest news about ETS2 and ATS. We also have many exciting features coming to this platform in the future, so make sure you don´t miss out.

SCS Software's blog

Our blog serves as our main platform site, where you can find fresh information about all our major projects, updates, future plans and media coverage.


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SCS Forum

Want to share your ideas with like-minded drivers? Start a conversation at our SCS Forums, where you can input your ideas, discuss the latest news and share your opinions.

Youtube Channel

Hit play and watch the latest trailers, catch up on previous live broadcasts, learn new skills and see behind the scenes on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like to see our developers drive through ETS2/ATS and share the latest content announcements, follow the SCS Software channel on and you will receive a notification at the exact moment the broadcast starts. You can ask us questions in the live chat, watch along with fellow community members and be the first to see new features!

SCS Software has moved to a new office: Tomíčkova 2427/2, Prague 11 148 00